Empowerment coaching

You can have everything you want when you know how to go about accomplishing that with the right direction, guidance, and support.

Roger will help you discover and uncover your true desires, purpose, direction, and career path in your life. He will help you identify what has been holding you back, and then design an action plan developed for you by the things you want to do, and most important, the things you would be best at doing and what would provide you with the greatest sense of fulfillment. You deserve to be happy.

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Vocal coaching:

Roger will take you through an evaluation for your voice, and also provide you with that information so that you understand your abilities and potential. From that point, he designs a vocal regime that is specially tailored for your voice to gain the maximum range, tone, power, and most importantly, correct any current vocal habits that are restricting you, as well as establish new practices that will keep your voice and career healthy and sustainable.

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