Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions Roger is asked frequently and his responses will provide you with further insight into his philosophy and coaching approach.

Can anyone learn to sing?

Roger: Yes. I believe anyone who has the ability to speak can learn to sing or improve his or her singing ability with proper technique and guidance. Singing simply requires acquiring physical coordination just as other physical activities such as learning to play a musical instrument, dancing, typing or anything else you can think of! All that is ever needed is practice, persistence, and patience.
I was told I am tone deaf. Can this be changed?

Roger: I don’t believe people are tone deaf. I believe they either haven’t been taught how to hear pitch or they are producing sound in a physical way that doesn’t allow them to control pitch. I have proven this thousands of times with my clients over the years. It only takes retraining the body in the way it creates sound and the hearing will adjust as well.
I’m already a professional singer so why should I take voice lessons?

Roger: Most singers I work with have some particular habits that if not corrected can cause problems later in their careers. My job is to educate the singer and instill good technique and habits that will prevent any physical problems such as nodules, polyps, hoarseness, or vocal fatigue.
Is it possible to gain more range in my voice and better tonal quality?

Roger: Definitely! There is always more that one can gain in one’s voice if any restrictions they have been using are removed. Even the most renowned singers understand this and will usually continually consult with a vocal coach to ensure they are reaching their maximum potential.
If I have had vocal problems, such as nodules or polyps, can they be corrected through coaching?

Roger: Yes. I have corrected many of these problems without the need for medical or surgical intervention. Even such conditions as acid reflux have been improved with new technique.
Do you work with all styles of music and levels of singers?

Roger: Yes. Proper technique can be used in any style of singing and there is no sound in singing that can not be created so as not harm the voice. I work with all levels of singers from total beginners to many well established professionals.
If I don’t live in Los Angeles, is there a way to still work with you?

Roger: Yes. The wonderful age of technology has given me the ability to work with clients all over the world. I usually do these sessions over Skype and it has been quite effective.

Please contact Roger’s assistant Kasey Thurman for any other questions you might have or to schedule sessions. You can visit the contact page by clicking HERE.