How to Sing High Notes with Power

In this video I show you the proper technique to sing high notes loudly without straining your voice.

2 thoughts on “How to Sing High Notes with Power

  1. Ariston Gorospe Reply

    HI! Roger.
    I do not know how to say in a broad sense that you are different from the other coach. I met.

    I appreciated so much.on your way of the wonderful lesson’s on how you teach your client of your vocal technique and I am improving every day.

    I discovered on how to get the sound of Nay Nay.Its internal thing that you sound normal in high notes with your swallowing muscles relax. and it took me some time to change the old ways in singing.but I am on to perfection, because of my daily practice.

    Please correct me if I am wrong. if I sing I can throw the notes of the song in the microphone gently control and can make a strong sound too. big notes and Tin sound control/ can play around my cords up and down notes. and that is where I begin to sing better, It took me to realize your concept .its all internal even the notes are coming from your emotions. and it is very awarding knowledge Please correct me if I am not doing it right before I go to a big signing event.

    I also want to inform you that some people were disturbed and get jealous, fellow artist on how I sing. and I told them about SMS. for them to know you more of your voice lesson at the youtube. and I am promoting your technique singing live at my timeline in my facebook account with your name TAG …

  2. Roger Burnley Reply

    Thanks Ariston! I’m so pleased you are receiving such great results and that others are noticing.
    As you gain even more control you will be able to sing soft or loud with the mic and maintain control.

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