“Singing is a physical activity that requires a particular coordination to master it much the same as one would with a sport, dance, or even something as simple as learning to ride a bicycle.”

This is an important way of thinking that Roger instills in his clients from the very first meeting. He has proven what can be accomplished in his own journey to become a vocalist. He knows that every voice is unique and individual and assumes his role as a vocal coach to bring each person’s marvelous voice to fruition.

His first step is to explain to his clients the workings or physiology of the voice. He believes that the first step is to gain this intellectual understanding and then add the physical feeling of it through vocal exercises.

The next part of the process is the practical application of the technique to singing songs. Roger believes that doing vocal exercises may not produce the desired results without this step; therefore each and every session includes the actual singing of songs.

Roger will never tell a client what style of music they should do. Instead, he wants the client to tell him what style they love and would like to sing, and his job is to make sure they are able to accomplish this.