Rates Information

Below you will find vocal training rates for private in studio and virtual/online sessions, as well as detailed information about my online Singing Made Simple program and its benefits.


Individual Vocal Session Rates: 

Rates are $150 per half hour, either in the studio or online. Please allow 45 minutes for the first session as I get acquainted with your voice and thoroughly explain the technique I will be using. The initial session is still $150 however.


Results are guaranteed in the first session; meaning you will experience notable changes in your singing ability. Typically 1/2 hour sessions are sufficient and usually once per week. You may book longer sessions or multiple sessions per week after your first session if you would like to progress faster.


Please use the contact form here to schedule your session: CONTACT FORM



Singing Made Simple: Program cost $197


This is my world renowned online vocal training program that comes with modules of demonstrations and explanations of the techniques, the desired results, and downloadable MP3s of the vocal exercises. Many find this is an effective alternative to in person sessions, and they can move along at their own pace. Every voice is a bit different and will need some personal attention, so members do have the ability to ask questions, participate in weekly group telephone coaching calls, and send audio recordings for critique.


For additional information, or to see if spaces have become available for YOU TO JOIN, please email: support@singing-made-simple.com