“Singing Made Simple” is my premiere, learn-to-sing-at-home program that is truly revolutionary. It’s packed with almost 4 hours of information, demonstrations, and explanations, and it’s designed to give the singer the ultimate understanding, control and use of their voice.

“Singing Made Simple” is the follow up program to my previous trainings, “Everybody Sing with Roger Burnley” and “Roger Burnley’s EZ Vocal Method”. “Singing Made Simple” was the result of my desire to have a program that could provide the singer with all the tools they would ever need to develop a truly amazing and inspiring singing voice. Along with the instructional video content, there are 20 vocal exercises, for both male and female voices. It is my belief that these are the only exercises a singer would ever need to get the maximum results.

The “Singing Made Simple” program comes with access to another of my brainstorms, the MEMBERS’ SITE. Along with the purchase of the program, clients are given exclusive access to a private site that contains more instruction on the vocal exercises, informative educational videos, and a blog where members are able to post questions for my response. This is the first singing instructional program to offer this feature. Additionally, members have the ability to upload audio or video recordings of their singing for my comments and individual direction. I didn’t want to put out a program and simply leave clients to try and figure it out on their own.

“Singing Made Simple” Features

  • Over 4 Hours of Lessons
  • Training Exercises
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Exercises for Both Male and Female Voices
  • All the Tools to Become a Pro


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