James Torme Testimonial - Roger Burnley


Roger Burnley is the best kept secret in the music industry. His teaching gives you much better vocal control as well as protects you from damage. If you don’t notice a complete transformation happening after just a couple of lessons, you should probably find another career.

James Tormé
Vocalist/Recording Artist
Los Angeles

“Roger is awesome! He was the first singing coach that I had been to that actually taught me proper vocal habits. He is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I noticed improvement in singing after my very first lesson with him. I truly do not believe I could ever find a vocal coach of Roger’s magnitude. I know the sky is the limit as far as a singing future under his guidance.”

Chloe Smith

“Finding Roger was a divine intervention for me.  After working with him in LA, I decided I didn’t want to work with anyone else, so doing Skype lessons was a no brainer since I live in NY. He totally gets me and what I need as a singer, and thanks to him I am so much more confident in both my recordings and my live performances.”

Raquel Castro

“Roger is truly amazing! He has helped me tremendously in so many ways with my voice. He has given me the keys to get the most out my voice to where I can focus on the song and what I am singing and not have to worry about anything else!! Working with Roger has given me the confidence I need in order to perform with a solid foundation of vocal technique to back it up!”

Jessica Ferguson
Recording Artist

“In one of the first sessions with Roger, I heard a beautiful sound escape my head that I’d never heard before. It wasn’t that other voice teachers were totally wrong, its that they were half-right. I would hurt my throat straining constantly and something was always missing from my sound. All that changed with Roger. Roger’s technique is thoroughly effective and a total gift.”

Chris Wolfe

 “Before I started working with you, I had big pitch and other problems that no one else seemed to be able to help me with. I cannot thank you enough for bringing my voice out like that. The transformation is nothing short of miraculous.”

Andrea Louise

I have studied voice with Roger Burnley since 1990. He has increased my vocal range by more than 1 1/2 octaves, greatly improved my endurance, strength, power, control, as well as coaching me in stage presence and all aspects of the music “business”.
Roger has been a major source of encouragement to me personally and he has been totally supportive of my career and musical abilities. I highly recommend him!

Maria Douglas
Los Angeles

“When I got home I got out every song I could think of that I’d logged away in my “Can’t quite get it/Impossible in this key” mental folder and tried them all… I was so amazed at how easy it was to do things I’d previously thought impossible.”


I just returned from my tour last weekend – singing every night for 10 days straight – and I had NO problems with my voice whatsoever This is definitely a first for me, and a testament to the technique you’ve helped me develop and my new vocal stamina! Thank you, Roger!!!

Ali Handal

I have known Mr. Burnley as a vocal coach for the past several years and have found his work to be exemplary. I have treated several of his clients in my practice for medical evaluation and generally found the techniques that he employs to be beneficial to the vocal health of his clients. Roger has a thorough understanding of the proper functioning of the larynx and voice production. This has enabled me to refer patients to him for training who experience some level of damage due to poor vocal habits. It is rare that a singing teacher is able to help in both extending the patient’s singing repertoire, as well as helping with the basic technique, and also being able to help those singers who are in trouble. Roger has been able to give these patients new techniques and vocal habits that have lessened their need for further medical treatment and allowed them to continue with their musical careers. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss Mr. Burnley’s qualifications further.

David M. Alessi, M.D., F.A.C.S
Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers
Los Angeles


I have had the pleasure of working with Roger Burnley for the past seven years. The projects with which I have asked Roger’s assistance have ranged from country to Jungle Club music. Roger’s expertise in the art of voice shaping coupled with his professional development of each vocalist, places him in a league within the highest profile group of music physicians. My top-ten club single, “Skin Party” is a prime example of the superb guidance from Roger for my artist Danny James. I recommend Roger Burnley for vocal instruction and artist development in all genres of music. The remarkable results speak for themselves.

Robert Copeland
Los Angeles


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