Tips For Returning To Singing At An Older Age

Thinking about returning to singing? Here are some tips on regaining your vocal coordination.

5 thoughts on “Tips For Returning To Singing At An Older Age

  1. Bob Omohundro Reply

    Roger, I had surgery on my carotid artery and they put a tube down my throat and I can no longer hold a note. I wanted to record some cover songs at a studio. Something I’ve always wanted to do. But now when I practice my voice breaks and I cant hit certain notes. Anything you suggest

    • Roger Burnley Reply

      So sorry that I’m just finding this. You can heal from this as the body is resilient but you need the proper training and exercises.

  2. Admin Post authorReply

    Hi Bob,

    I can’t help you without actually listening to your voice and working with you, but if you send an email to we can talk about what you need.

  3. Brenda Reply

    Some tips are really being taken into consideration while singing….Confidence is the thing that matters a lot….Without that a singer can’t perform well we can say that…According to me also confidence is a thing that matters….Great and meaningful tips for becoming an singer…!!!!!

    • Roger Burnley Reply

      Yes, that is very true. Most will find also that when they develop more control over their voice and technique then the confidence begins to grow as well.

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