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I began my coaching career more than thirty years ago. I started with vocal and performance coaching, which enabled me to hon my skills as an empowerment life coach. Having worked with a wide variety of clients, I quickly developed my coaching method, which I call empowerment made simple. I believe every person is born with talents, abilities, and skills they can use to create a successful, happy, and prosperous life. Most individuals have blocked this knowledge from their consciousness for many and varied reasons. I can find those barriers and develop sustainable plans for my clients to reach whatever level of success they desire.


I often tell the story of hearing Napoleon Hill in a presentation where he wouldn’t accept a gift of a dictionary that was given to him until the word impossible was removed. I help my clients remove that limited thinking from themselves.


My career has crossed many different areas, including a business owner, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach. Along the way, I encountered all the barriers and challenges my clients might be experiencing, so I bring them my knowledge, success, and ability to move beyond any obstacles so that they might do the same. I believe my life purpose is to help as many people as I can realize their full and unlimited potential. Failure is not an option.

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