Watch Roger answer your most common questions people ask

Answer: You will have a clear idea of what you desire to accomplish in your life, and you
will know the steps to achieve them. You will discover the perfect career or vocation,
and you will have the confidence to accomplish your goal.

Answer: I coach online using Zoom. It is a video call where you can also record your
session. Your review of the material is essential, and it will be the key to help you stay
accountable to your goals.

Answer: Yes. I do not record you or save the recordings, and it is entirely up to you if
you wish to record the session and save it.

Answer: I believe every person is born with a life purpose that would cause them to feel
fulfilled, happy, and become prosperous. The only difficulty anyone experiences is not
knowing their purpose, or don't believe they have one, or don't know how to get there.

Answer: First, we determine the goal you want to achieve, the amount of time that may
require, and we agree on the cost during the initial consultation.

Answer: If needed, a payment plan will be created that will accommodate your needs.

Answer: No. You must cancel 24 hours in advance, and you can reschedule that

Answer: Yes. Automated payments are through Square, but you may request a PayPal

Answer: You will not ask that question after the consultation. We will both know for sure.

Answer: The answer is a definite NO! I am comfortable with any area or topic, and
probably most of them I have experienced. My goal is to have you as comfortable as
possible, so we tackle any area of your life where you require help, advice, and the
ability to move beyond any barrier.

Answer: You start by scheduling a consultation. I do not accept everyone, so we must
know we are a good fit.

Answer: Absolutely. During the consultation, we will ascertain the number of people
involved, the scope of the coaching, and you will receive a proposal for the services.

Answer: Yes. In life and business experience. I deliver results and not certificates.

Answer: I have practiced meditation for more than 30 years, and through that process, I
began using automatic writing. Wilhelm is the name under which I write.

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