Would you want to…

  • Sing for hours without any strain fatigue or loss of range?
  • Correct any perceived pitch problems?
  • Develop a beautiful vocal tone?
  • Extend your vocal range?
  • Develop confidence while singing and performing?

World-renowned vocal coach Roger Burnley is inviting you to be a part of an exciting journey that is guaranteed to give you everything you could possibly need to be the great singer you’ve always dreamed you could be.

Roger Burnley’s Singing Masterclass will answer any vocal question you have had. Each week two live coaching calls are held. The times are varied each week to accommodate those anywhere in the world. You may attend as many as you like during the month. During the training, you can ask any question you may have, work on a vocal exercise or song, perform, and receive your results and corrections instantaneously. The group will continue in this manner for the next year. You will have the opportunity to access all the material indefinitely!

When the year is complete, this priceless material will sell for $997. Please keep in mind that there is a limit of 50 members at a time, to make sure you receive individual attention. Roger’s private coaching rates are $150 per half an hour or  $300 for the hour. 

Roger Burnley’s Singing Masterclass Membership includes.

  • Access to the Facebook private group.
  • Eight group training video calls per month.
  • Review of one recording per month.
  • 50% discount on private sessions. 
  • Performance opportunities in the group or during the live coaching calls.